• 13FEB
    Warrior Dash

    Warrior Dash

    Quite a number of people from the gym participated in the Warrior Dash challenge on Saturday which was the first of its kind in Australia. Unfortunately everyone who did participate from the gym had a lot of different start times. Next year we’ll have to make sure we all are racing at the same time

  • 14JAN

    New 2011 Timetable

    The 2011 timetable has been loaded on the timetable page. The main changes are that Thursday night’s BJJ class is not an MMA class, and that BJJ class has been moved to Wednesday night in place of wrestling.

  • 13JAN

    New Lion’s Academy Website launched

    This is the new Lion’s Den Academy website. The main things are up, however we still have to add a bit of content on some of the pages, but we wanted to get something up for the new year. It hasn’t been fully finalised yet, but we thought we’d launch what we’ve got now to