The boxing classes are run by Joe Laferla who excelled as an amateur boxer himself. Joe has spent most of his life boxing and his knowledge and experience is impressive. The boxing classes are suited for all levels from beginners to fighters. The classes not only focuses on the techniques but also on fitness and conditioning.


Kickboxing classes combine punching with kicking as well as striking with elbows and knees. Classes are suitable for all levels.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class will bring all the disciplines of striking, wrestling and submissions into one. The class will teach and demonstrate how to combine them effectively and seamlessly so that you can become a competent Mixed Martial Artist.

These classes are taken by a lot of our MMA fighters, but you don’t have to fight professionally to attend this class as they are suitable for all levels and good for general self defense and good for conditioning and fitness as well.

For the people who are interested in fighting, the Friday classes are reserved for live sparring. This allows students to put into practice in a live situation all they have learnt. This class requires safety equipment such as gloves, mouth guard, shin guards and groind guard and is supervised in a controlled environment to keep everyone safe.

These classes are taken by Luke Pezzutti who is a former MMA fighter and also a Welterweight Champion.

No Gi BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class involves grappling techniques based on ground fighting. It includes submission techniques like arm-locks and leg-locks as well as chokes. It will give students the understanding of  the principles of leverage and  body mechanics which will help them turn the tables on an opponent when they’re in a bad situation.

The classes are instructed by Luke Pezzutti who is a BJJ Black Belt under John Will.


The Wrestling class is based off Olympic freestyle wrestling and has been modified to complement the grappling and MMA disciplines also taught at the gym. The class includes wrestling technique as well as live wrestling against other students.

Kid’s Classes

The kids’ classes teaches students a bit of everything about Martial Arts. The students will get a taste of striking, wrestling and brazilian jiu jitsu and also be exposed to some light safe sparring and fitness.

The outcomes of this are not only a fitter, healthier child who is able to defend themselves if they are ever in danger but students are also taught discipline which will flow through to their lives out side of the gym as well.

Classes are taught by Luke Pezzutti.