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    JNI Fight Night

    JNI Fight Night

    A couple more boys fought on the weekend at the JNI show held at Civic Centre in Hurtsville. ‎Luke Shakespeare was making his MMA debut in an amateur fight and Adam Sarkis jumping into the ring once again. Luke made an impressive debut dominating the fight with his wrestling and able to finish the fight off with an armbar in the first round. Adam showed a very impressive all-round performance with some great striking landing with some good punches and knees before putting his opponent on his back to further punish him there. After a while, his opponent gave up his back and Adam finished the fight with a rear naked choke submission.

    Steven Semrany was supposed to have a fight, but his opponent for some strange and unknown reason pulled out just before having to go out and fight. Steven was very disappointed having trained and prepared hard for this fight, but his opponent’s actions might say something about Steven: that he’s one dude to be feared. Till next time Steve.


    Luke with his armbar finish which really expresses the definition of “hyper-extension”.


    Adam with some ground and pound before finishing the fight.


    And the team after the fights.